Anonymous: Um why do you want to be beyonce?


Who would not want to be Beyoncé, that’s the real question

I have a struggle with watching “Hold You Down/Hold U Down” video with DJ Khaled and all of them.

The scene where he screams at the girl, “Say my name!” Plus he ends the conversation with “You’re loyal, you’re smart…..use this money to buy ya moms a house.”

Wait wait wait…..what?????

White people wanna touch my kinky curls before even asking permission.

I’m not one of ya “black friends” there buddy!

I’m slayed at how people will go off to the top of their lungs for you….and when it’s crunch time they’re no where to be found.

They cant even respond to a text message but can surely update their statues for the world to see.


I can’t understand a person saying “I don’t like gay people”.

How can you not like a group of people who basically do their own thang? How in the hell would I say something like that to another human being? “Oh, I don’t like you b/c you have sex with the same sex.”

Let that dumb bull fuckery sink in, and realize you’re missing out on some good people to build a friendship with.

Not tryna be rude, but if I read the bible, take Jesus as my personal savior and follow his teachings & wisdom….why do I need to go to the “judgemental state” of church?

Plus, I’m broke. So, I get looked at as being disrespectful for not putting soild bills in when the plate is being passed around. Yeah….I’ll sleep in this Sunday morning- you tell me how church went when I wake up.